Say "Cheese!" Say it!!!

We took Noah to get his 9 months pictures taken at Target this weekend. He did surprisingly well, especially since the sitting was right in the middle of what would have been his morning nap time. I, however, was in a tizzy. Seriously, you could've powered a small village with the energy I was expressing in that tiny portrait studio.

"And Melody's in this corner, no she's over in that corner, no wait she's back behind the camera, and now over the photographer's shoulder...smile, Noah! Laugh! Look at the ducky...now look at the light...oh no, don't cry...ok, let's try this and that and this and that...*beat* sweat drop...and we're done. Wasn't that fun? Mommy needs a nap."

It really wasn't that crazy, and I know I'm my own worst critic, but both times we've gone to get Noah's portraits done I've gone nuts! Must...make...Noah...smile. There's no time! We've gotta get the perfect pictures as quickly as possible! Ahhhh!!! And maybe it just feels that way since Randy's the complete opposite, doing practically next to nothing...or something but at a glacial pace. He's probably just trying to stay out of the way as I whirl around. He never was much for photographers though. The two times we've had our own portraits taken (first for engagement photos, second for Christmas) he's been odd and peculiar about standing just so and smiling for extended periods of time and, oh yes, taking orders. It's like he steps into a foreign country once in front of a camera. The language and surroundings seem vaguely familiar, but mustn't make any drastic movements for fear of Zee Germans. So, I guess I assume the worst, that our Titanic will indeed run off course, and attempt to steer clear of the collision before it occurs but end up over correcting into madness and hysteria. But, the pictures always turn out great. Don't they? Don't they?! They really do! See? Look at them!! They're beautiful!!! Aaaannnndd scene...

To see the 9 month pics, click here. I'll upload them to our Shutterfly site later.


  1. Love the blog, title and all. Nicely done! I'm typing a quick comment so you can go look at my mess of a blog, Mel. I'll check back in later tonight and actually read! Love you, Biff! (heh - I accidentally typed "Buff" first. You may prefer that. I won't pretend to know.)

  2. Pictures: I'm so excited about the picture of all three of you! It's eerily perfect. All your heads are at the exact same tilt. I love it!

    I understand your picture day stress. I almost always walk out of the picture room all sweaty. Or to put it in a way that sounds less tawdry, getting the children to mug for the camera stresses me out, too.

    If we had a ton of money to blow on family pictures, we could hire a photographer that takes you to some Thoreauvian scene and snaps candids with a super sweet Nikon while you and your family frolic.

  3. hahaha!! Yes, I can relate with the sweatiness. I definitely was Saturday. I even commented on it. I kept thinking of the scene in Mad Men with the Drapers in their family photo. Even they in all their "perfectness" had photo session issues. Oh Betty...Draaaaappperrr!!