One of these things is not like the other...

...and it's me. I follow the rules (for the most part), I'm not easily angered, and I fall in love and dive into things hard. I assume the best, and get reminded of the worst. I forgive quickly, and get reminded of the fault. I'm constantly living a child-like existence in my perspective on the world and am constantly reminded of how odd that is. Aren't we supposed to be like little children? The Bible says, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3) But, then again, it also says, "stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults." (I Corinthians 14:20) Like in all things, balance is key. Randy has often told me the thing he loves most about me is my sweetness, gentle spirit, and heart for people. He's encouraged me not to change. I don't want to change. I like myself. I know this is the person God made me to be. And, maybe it's just that I'm finally really feeling what God meant by "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:34) That's where we get the song that says, "They will know we are Christians by our love." I dunno. I just know I'm different. Most of the time, I don't mind. I'm confident in my decisions, my look, my attitude, my choices. But, every now and then, the veil gets pulled back and I see myself through the world's eyes...and I don't like that perspective. I'll stick to seeing things through God's eyes, thank you very much. While that may be a little less skeptical than some might think a perspective needs to be (which is really just a defense mechanism or maybe just survival instinct, if you ask me), I'll stick to what works for me. I HAVE found a small amount of skepticism to be wise (hence the "in your thinking be adult" part of I Cor.) Maybe I'm just a non-ruffleable bird. So what? Ok, world, bring on the wind!


Mad about Mad Men

I've recently started watching the Mad Men tv series (http://www.amctv.com/originals/madmen/), and I must say, I'm hooked! The gorgeous costumes, the brilliant dialogue, the JOHN HAMM! While I'm far-removed from the Cary Grant era, I can only imagine he must've been somewhat like John Hamm's character, Don Draper (hopefully sans misogyny...hopefully). Sally and I are through season one and on to two, which I must say has begun on a gut-wrenching note. This is some deep stuff. I'm enthralled by the culture of the decade and enraptured with the dresses...oh the dresses! I can't wait to see where all these characters go and what they look like getting there! Salvidor, you're fabulous...will you take me shopping? Don, while you're beginning to disappoint, I'm hanging in there with you in hopes of a turnaround. Betty, let's do lunch with our kids. Oh wait, your kids are never around! Peggy, I have no words right now. Just tears for you, sweety. Joan, thank you for your confidence; it's contagious.

Continuing season two this week!


Say "Cheese!" Say it!!!

We took Noah to get his 9 months pictures taken at Target this weekend. He did surprisingly well, especially since the sitting was right in the middle of what would have been his morning nap time. I, however, was in a tizzy. Seriously, you could've powered a small village with the energy I was expressing in that tiny portrait studio.

"And Melody's in this corner, no she's over in that corner, no wait she's back behind the camera, and now over the photographer's shoulder...smile, Noah! Laugh! Look at the ducky...now look at the light...oh no, don't cry...ok, let's try this and that and this and that...*beat* sweat drop...and we're done. Wasn't that fun? Mommy needs a nap."

It really wasn't that crazy, and I know I'm my own worst critic, but both times we've gone to get Noah's portraits done I've gone nuts! Must...make...Noah...smile. There's no time! We've gotta get the perfect pictures as quickly as possible! Ahhhh!!! And maybe it just feels that way since Randy's the complete opposite, doing practically next to nothing...or something but at a glacial pace. He's probably just trying to stay out of the way as I whirl around. He never was much for photographers though. The two times we've had our own portraits taken (first for engagement photos, second for Christmas) he's been odd and peculiar about standing just so and smiling for extended periods of time and, oh yes, taking orders. It's like he steps into a foreign country once in front of a camera. The language and surroundings seem vaguely familiar, but mustn't make any drastic movements for fear of Zee Germans. So, I guess I assume the worst, that our Titanic will indeed run off course, and attempt to steer clear of the collision before it occurs but end up over correcting into madness and hysteria. But, the pictures always turn out great. Don't they? Don't they?! They really do! See? Look at them!! They're beautiful!!! Aaaannnndd scene...

To see the 9 month pics, click here. I'll upload them to our Shutterfly site later.


And it begins

Well, here it is. My first blog. I've always been skeptical, and especially after seeing Julie and Julia, I fervently vow to NOT post simply for the purpose of gaining an audience. I, Melody Trowell, being of sound mind and body do hereby acknowledge that "if you built it, they will come" but, nevertheless, will retain my focus, which is to simply do this for me and for fun. Having said that, the meaning of my title should be fairly salient, so I won't waste time on exegesis. There's nothing else really to say other than, let's lock and load for some ups and downs, randomness and relevance, silliness and severity...ready, set, go!