Forward Thinking: Diapering, The Finale

I know I claimed to have my final results before, but that was before I truly experienced the diaper that rocked my world. I now can safely say this is the diapering finale post. The search is over! This diaper has passed all my tests and then some. Absorbent, cute, trim, easy. Even the grandparents have no trouble with this one. And it still fits my 37lb monster! What is this wonderful diaper, you ask? Grovia!

I've tried the all-in-one and all-in-two (hybrid), and while I do love both, the AIO simply got too small. So, hybrid it is! (And snaps, not aplix. Less fuss.) I love being able to switch between disposable and cloth inserts while using the same cover. And I love that the fibers are natural. They clean up so nice and are absolutely trouble-free (just use a stay-dry liner for naps right now but stay-dry inserts are on there way!). I know. I know. I know. I said I hated the cover/insert system, but it's really so much easier than having to change and wash an entire diaper each time I change. I use 2-3 shells a day, and even if poo does get on the shell, it's so easy to wash it out really quickly if I want to. The inserts snap in and out, and at about $8 per insert that makes the total diapering cost very economical (depending on shell usage). As for night time, I've decided to stick with disposables. What can I say? They're dependable, even with baby's fluctuating intake/output. And I need stability and simplicity. I might try Grovia at night with our next baby.

And now, accessories. Wipes and liners: Target flushable toddler wipes for poo diapers and Grovia cloth wipes. It's really a lot easier to use cloth wipes with cloth diapers because I'm already putting the diaper in a wet bag. Why mess with the extra step of throwing away a disposable wipe? Flushable wipes will go down the potty with the poo anyways. Simple process. As for liners, I currently use stay-dry suede cloth liners that I made and Imse Vimse flushable liners. Though, really just about any flushable liner will do the job. Will probably try Grovia liners when I run out. Rash cream: two words--Magic Stick! This is the best diaper rash paste/cream/balm I've tried yet. It even beats out the chemically stuff. And it smells so good. :-) Next up, detergent. Tiny Bubbles. Best detergent ever! My diapers started to stink while using Crunchy Clean, so since I switched my entire stash over to Grovia, I decided to switch to Grovia's detergent. Only made sense. So glad I did! Not only did it get the stinkies out, but it also is cheaper, requires fewer scoops per load, and cleans up so well! Lastly, dryer balls. I use Bouncing Woolies (pink sugar scent) and absolutely love the smell and the fact that they help decrease drying time, which is important on rainy days and winter weather (which, let's face it, doesn't happen that much in TX) and lazy days :-). And that about does it. I'm so glad to have this decision settled! Next up, Grovia training pants and then (in God's time) Grovia newborn diapers!