Lions and Tigers and...Giraffes, oh my!

I've been meaning to write this up for a very long time. It's been crazy around here. And this is even rushed, which frustrates me. But, here it is! Noah had his first zoo experience in September at the Abilene Zoo. It was possibly the funnest zoo trip I've ever been on. It was amazing, touching, and exhausting. We're definitely going back! Thanks to Mom and Dad for helping me chase my little monkey around. His faves? Monkeys and any form of bird. I took a TON of pictures, so here are a few. Mommy had some photog fun as well (seen in the smaller column of pics on the right). The Abilene Zoo is definitely not what I remembered it to be. It's BETTER! Or maybe everything's better when you're with a child? (To view collage larger on a desktop, hold down the Ctrl key and punch the + key several times. Again, I need better photog software.)