Sadie's Fairyland

06 ~ 2012   Grapevine Springs Park

Sadie is 4! I had so much fun during this session. The park was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and Miss Sadie Jane was so fun and adventuresome. We even went on a fairy hunt!

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Caelen's 1!

01 ~ 2012   In-House

Caelen was so precious during this session. Very curious and smiley. Such a sweet, snuggly boy. And always on the move!

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A Day at the Park (Wiethoffs)

01 ~ 2012   Andrew Brown Park

What a fun, spontaneous afternoon! Noah and I just planned to meet our friends for a play date at the park, and I brought my camera along for fun. These kiddos are so dear to me. Such a sweet, sweet family. Ya gotta love taking pics of people you love!

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Zink Family Christmas

12 ~ 2011   In-House

This was my very first session ever. I had just gotten my Canon point and shoot a few days before, and I decided to play around with the built-in camera editing options. I had also never done any post-session editing, so it was my first experience with that as well. Some of the pics didn't come out great because I still had a lot to learn about lighting. But, you just can't help but love sweet little Caelen's smile no matter what!

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