I don't know what to do with myself. I'm feeling the urge to change. I'm a pretty impulsive and fluctuating person. I get inspired pretty often and want to try new things all the time, everything, just to try. Most of my life I've lived with the feeling that this is wrong. But, in my recent adulthood I've gained more confidence in this aspect of my personality. It makes me who I am. I should embrace that, right? Well, right now, I'm feeling the movement again, but in a different way than ever before...as a mother and housewife. For those of you who've never attributed the latter to me, I'm with ya. Allow me to explain...


Before I became a mother, I could care less if the house was in order or clean, if things were organized in the kitchen and closets, if anything but tv-watching and going out took place in my life. My house was merely the place where I watched tv and slept. After having Noah, (post-partum story to be posted at some point) I was pushed back into work too soon and never found solace in my home, was always on the go. I became a working mom two weeks after having my first child. Not my ideal situation. But, it's what I had, so that's what became my normal. NOT working was just never an option. So exited my beloved desire to breastfeed and cloth diaper. I was blissfully happy (after the first two months) being a mother and getting some respite from motherhood duties while gaining confidence in myself by going to work part-time. Then, that part-time became full-time (though I work from home two days a week...it's still work), and the job that at one point was giving me fulfillment in myself as simply Melody, not just Mom, now makes me feel like I'm losing the mom part of me. I know motherhood is all about balance. I...feel...out...of...it. I need some mental and spiritual V8 (remember those 80s commercials?). I desperately want to be a homemaker. Words I NEVER thought would EVER come out of my mouth. You see, once I get involved in something, I'm all in. Only thing now is, I'm all in at two places: work and home. I thought this was a balance I could handle, even one I would need. I thought being a working mom was what would fit best for me. Well, it was...for a while. I'm starting to wonder if it is anymore. I love the work I get to do and the flexibility and family atmosphere. So, I feel if I ever left it, I couldn't get it back. What working person doesn't want that situation? Maybe I'm just going through a phase. All I know is, I'm SO ready to have another baby and stay at home for a little while...more than just a few weeks. Next time, I will breastfeed and cloth diaper. Next time, I will be in control of things. Next time. Til then, I'll just keep planning and preparing. Longing to have it together like styleberryBLOG mommy...this is how I am in my head, just hasn't come to fruition quite yet. For now, trying to find peace and joy in the little things...starting with taking pics with my new fave iPhone app Hipstamatic on our 4th of July beach trip. Blog post to follow.


Forward Thinking: Diapering, First Glance

No, I'm not pregnant. I just have baby fever. I feel like I can't really talk about it much since Randy and I have decided to wait to start trying until Noah turns 2, so I've got 6 months to wait. Enter blog series.

Cloth Diapers

That's right. CLOTH! I recently started cloth diapering Noah to get some good practice in and try a bunch of different kinds so I'll know what I'm doing with baby 2, who I fully plan on cloth diapering the day we get home from the hospital. So far, I've only been able to get in about a month of experience cuz Noah got a yeast rash, which put him back in disposables and disposable inserts (I'll cover these below). But, with my experience thus far and countless hours of research, I've got a pretty solid opinion on all my options. And, here they are:

Inserts & Covers
Description: A waterproof cover and either cloth or disposable insert.

Ease of Use: Very easy. If the baby pees, all you do is change out the insert or alternate between two covers and let one air dry while using the other. If the baby poops, simply wash the cover and hang to dry. In my experience, the wet cover is ready to use by the next diaper change. Cloth inserts go in a wet bag or pail til laundry day (twice a week), and covers can be used over and over til you want to launder them (once a week) and washed with regular clothes.When out, these are nice because you can just take an extra insert with you, which takes up the same amount of space as a disposable diaper. But, I find that when I'm going to be out for a while, I like to take 2-3 inserts and an extra cover in case of poop.

Any Negatives: The only negatives I've found are in the changing process and feel. Since the covers can be used over and over, it's sometimes annoying to wash out the cover so I can reuse it. The solution to this is putting it in the wet bag and just getting a new cover, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the reusability of this option and gets you closer to hybrid or pocket diapers. As far the feel goes, it's just the fact that baby isn't feeling all the softness again his skin like he would with all cloth diapers.

Fave Brands:
gDiapers--www.gdiapers.com--These are sized covers from newborn-34+lbs (tiny, s, m, l, xl) have a snap-in waterproof pouch to hold the cloth or disposable insert (gDiapers makes a flushable insert, LOVE this!) and a cotton gPant velcro cover. They retail for about $18 each pant, but I prefer Babies R Us' two-packs for $27. The pouches have to be replaced every 6 months.

Thirsties Duo Wraps--www.thirstiesbaby.com--These are a two-sized system with snap-down rise, so the small fits up to 22lbs (I think) and the large up to 40lbs. These are simpler than gDiapers because there's no pouch to snap in, just the waterproof cover by itself. They retail for about $13. They come in velcro and snaps. (NOTE: snaps are better for toddlers cuz they don't come off easily like velcro.)

Grovia--www.gro-via.com--The Grovia Shell can house a cloth insert (has gusset and snaps in) or a disposable insert and are one size with snap-down rise. These come in VERY cute prints and either velcro or snaps. The difference with these is that the shell isn't wipeable, so you can't reuse it as much as you can gDiapers or Thirsties if any messes get on the cover. They retail for $17.

Pocket Diapers
Description: An all-cloth diaper, either bamboo, microfleece, or suede cloth, with a pocket for stuffing inserts. Some come with a minky outer over the waterproof layer.

Ease of Use: Very, very easy. I think these are easier than covers and inserts because you change the entire diaper every time, like a disposable. Just put in wet bag or pail til laundry day and make sure inserts are out before washing. When out, simply take 1 or 2 stuffed diapers.

Any Negatives: The only negative I can see (even though I've only used 1 pocket diaper 1 time so far) is what makes these so easy...that you have to get a whole new dipe with each change. You can't reuse these right away.

Fave Brands:
Kawaii--www.theluvyourbaby.com--These are a one-size pocket diaper with snap-down rise. They are the BEST priced pocket dipes out there at $7-14. I have the Snazzy Minky and Bamboo Minky Mom Label. I'm in love with the minky dipes cuz they're so soft! I also love that there is a smaller version (Pure & Natural) for 6-22lbs cuz I'm not into using a full one-size dipe on a tiny. Kawaiis come in velcro and snaps, depending on what kind you get. The Pure & Naturals only come in velcro, which makes sense for tinies before they get really mobile...makes for easy, fast changes.

Rumparooz--www.kanga-care.com--These are a one-size pocket diaper with snap-down rise and inner gussets. The inner gussets are what sets this diaper apart, but it's also what raises the price quite a bit. These retail for $23-25. I haven't tried these because they're so expensive, but the idea of the inner gussets intrigues me, especially when considering breast milk poosplosions. These come in snaps or velcro.

Go Green--www.gogreenpocketdiapers.com--These are basically just like Rumparooz, only they're bigger and therefore last longer. I think these go up to 40lbs whereas most pocket dipes only reach around 35lbs. They're also considerably cheaper than Rumparooz at $10-14.

Blueberry and Swaddlebees--www.blueberrydiapers.com--These are just upscale pocket diapers. They're expensive but are pretty much the same as Kawaii, only the snaps match or coordinate in a way with the outer color, whereas Kawaii just has white snaps. I have a couple Swaddlebees Econappis that are really cute, but I haven't tested them out yet. (And got them used) Swaddlebees and Blueberries range from $18-30, depending on if you get the mini size or full one-size and minky or non-minky. They pretty much seem like luxury diapers. I'm guessing that the Kawaiis perform the same.

All-in-Ones (AIO)
Description: An all cloth diaper with insert/soaker attached, no unstuffing required for wash.

Ease of Use: The easiest. For changes, these are just as easy as pocket dipes, only you don't have to remove the insert before washing. This makes these the most desirable, in my opinion, but it does hike up the price a bit.

Any Negatives: Longer drying time. Because the insert is attached, there might be longer drying time where the insert is attached to the cover. But, some brands make an insert that snaps on instead of being sewn on.

Fave Brands:
Grovia--www.gro-via.com--These AIO diapers have a sewn-in insert and very cute prints, snap-down rise and side-snaps. They retail for $23. There's also a newborn AIO option for 5-12+lbs for $15, regular snaps.

Envibum--www.envibum.com--These are minky dipes with naturally adjusting rise with elastic (no snap-down rise needed). The insert is sewn in, and it has a pocket to add more inserts if needed. It might be a bit bulkier because of the thick minky and chunky design and retails for $23.

Where to Buy
Jack Be Natural www.jackbenatural.com

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Father's Day 2011

It's Father's Day, and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to Noah. We went to the mall this morning and did what we did on Mother's Day, take photo booth pictures (see below) and played on the playground. Well, Randy and Noah played while I watched and relaxed (late night with Noah). I love watching them play together, hearing them both cackle. Randy and his mini-me. :-) It just doesn't get much better than this.