Forward Thinking: The Girly What-If's

(Preface: I do not believe in molding girls to put stock soley in their appearance. I do believe in taking care of yourself and having fun with fashion.)

What if our next baby is a girl? We'll be all frills, THAT's what! My mind has been playing around with all the girly what-if's lately. Of course, I'd be happy with another boy. But, if we have a girl next, the frilly prissiness in me is bound to come out. In full effect. With ruffles. And glitter.

Three fashion trends caught my eye recently, and I have to share.

First, the petticoat:

Source: zulily.com via Melody on Pinterest

Oh, the petticoat! All you gender stereotype analytics, take a break for a moment. I LOVED getting all dressed up when I was little, and if I have a girl, I want her to have that experience too. And if this turns out to be something she likes to wear to show her personality and be independent, then I'm for it. I will not force her into to. I will get one and let her try, and if she doesn't like it, she will not wear it.

Second, the ruffled romper:

Can you imagine anything more vintage chic?! So. Beautiful. And easy for summer.

Third, baby leggings:

I've already started Noah with a couple pairs, but I just LOVE these newborn ones, and some come with ruffles! And, wait for it...baby leggings WITH the petticoat! *sigh* Pure girly fashion heaven.


  1. Very cute. Love the ruffled romper. Keep em coming Mel!

  2. @Chels: Be careful what you wish for! lol!!

  3. Is that ruffle romper strapless? Otherwise, very cute indeed. And the frilly stuff is so cute. You're going to go nuts and have a blast doing it! :) I tried to make Sadie an overalls and mud girl by default, but she's frills all the way. We meet in the middle with kind of a bohemian thing. I'll take it.

  4. @Sally: yeah, it looks like the romper is strapless. I'd probably sew some straps cuz that's a little weird. I love Sadie's boheme style. :-) And I love that she loves all her jewelry.