Project 52:6--a valentine

I love this picture. It's not the best photography-wise (taken with Instagram via iPhone), but it's one of those that just gets me. Randy and I have been together for 10 years, married about 7 and 1/2. "I love our life" has been a frequently spoken phrase between us since the beginning. He is the love of my life I never expected to have. Oh, I expected to fall in love. Lord (and anyone who knew me from junior high in my sappy poetry days) knows I sought after that like a blind mouse seeks her last bite of cheese. Never in my imagination could I have picked this winner. That's why I always suggest When God Writes Your Love Story to any fellow love-seekers. HE is truly the best match-maker. Randy has helped me grow in my weaknesses and celebrate in my strengths. And all from love. No, everything's not always perfect. In fact, nothing is. Ever. And I hope it stays that way. So this Valentine's Day I'm counting all my quirky, off-beat blessings and thanking God for our little life.

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