Randy and I were discussing Noah's vernacular last night and decided it was high time we started keeping a log. A kid's language is too funny not to share, so I thought the best way to keep this list forever and spread a little joy at the same time was to post about it here. :-) I'll add to the list as we remember more and discover new words and phrases. Ready, Set, Doh!

"Choo choo" -- Thank you
"Melcome" -- You're welcome
"Pyoomees" -- Excuse me 
"Boose" -- Boof (his fave stuffed animal, ladybug pillow pet)
"Sheshaboh" -- Despereaux (The Tale of Despereaux)
"Pablo, Peekah, Sasha, Tyrone, Ahshin" -- Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha, Tyrone, Austin (Backyardigans)
"Bah-da-boot" -- Barbaloot (Lorax) "Wahwack" -- Lorax
"Beeta beeta" -- Tweetle beetle (Fox in socks) 
"Dah Keen" -- Lion King
"Bamina" -- Banana
"Veeshay" -- This way 
"Show me" -- When he wants you to come with him 
"Weh weh" -- Noah 
"Ah mo piss" -- I want another sip 
"Dat down" -- Sit down
"Hee dat?" -- Hear that? 
"Cahdet" -- Target 
"Wahwahmock" -- Walmart
"Ah mo kah" -- I want more fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox
"I too much" -- I'm too much
"Hahvook" -- Fireworks
"Cahcoh" -- Color
"Peeyah" -- Playdough
"Dink" -- Drink 
"Tinkle Sar" -- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
"Ahbeesees" -- A B Cs
"Butt" -- Button
"Pahkah" -- Parker (the neighbor dog in Abilene)
"oo ah yoo?" -- Where are you?
"I need bacon" -- lol!!!!! :-) 
"Bite hee/dare" -- Right here/there 
"Ahoh why kit" -- I don't like it
"Cheeee" -- Cheese
"Iss boken now" -- It's broken now

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