Cloth Diapers/Accessories

GroVia is based out of Bozeman, MT. I have quite a few faves from this company:
  • Flushable Liners -- These are awesome little additions to your cloth diaper stash. Just lay one in the diaper and flush it with any solids it picks up. Leaves little to no mess on the diaper. I've tried Imse Vimse liners and GroVia and far prefer GroVia cuz they're much softer, less dryer sheet-like.
  • Hybrid Diapers -- The best of both cloth and eco-friendly disposable. See this post for more info.
  • Magic Stick -- This is THE best diaper rash cream I've used to date. And it's all-natural, a major plus. I've used Boudreaux's Butt Paste, CJ's BUTTer (which I still love for skin care), Desitin, A&;D, and Triple Paste. The GroVia Magic Stick by FAR beat these guys. And, it's safe for cloth diapers and doesn't cause buildup like some other diaper safe creams can.
  • Tiny Bubbles Detergent -- Made for cloth diapers. Rinses completely clean. So easy to use. Absolutely no side effects whatsoever (like I've heard some people have with Rockin Green). I've used Crunchy Clean, Rockin Green, and Tiny Bubbles for cleaning my diapers, and TB has really done the trick. When I had stink issues with my microfiber dipes (which is very common), I switched to TB and problem solved! No more stink! 

Charlie Banana is based out of Hong Kong. They make my fave pocket diaper. Super trim. Very absorbent. Easy to size one-size diapers. Leg elastic adjustment (my fave cuz no snaps are exposed on front to rub baby's legs like mos one-size dipes...also makes it more customizable). See the pocket diaper section of this post for more info. 

529 Baby is a wahm (work at home mom) online business. Kristen (owner and seamstress) make beautiful, durable, inexpensive wet bags. I've purchased wet bags from Planetwise, Wahmies, and Weehuggers (aka. Blueberry/Swaddlebees), and 529 is just as good quality as these big guys but at a much better price. My 529 small wet/dry bag is my go-to bag for outings. 

Bouncing Woolies is a family-owned business based in Oklahoma. I've used and loved their Natural FUNKies Wool Dryer Balls. These are great for cloth diapers and regular clothes too. We just keep ours in the dryer and never take them out. They help cut down drying time by breaking up the clothes/diapers when they bounce around, they help keep everything nice and soft (so no more dryer sheets ever!), and they leave a lovely scent (pink sugar is my fave).


Bath/Skin Care

CJ's BUTTer is a family-owned and run business out of Colorado Springs, CO. They have developed a line of all-natural body and cleaning products safe for everyone on the planet. (They even carry vegan products.) The product of theirs that I have used and loved is the original CJ's BUTTer (pink sugar is my fave!). I have used the BUTTer for diaper cream but switched to Grovia Magic Stick when CJ's announced that when used heavily in conjunction with a natural detergent, it can cause build-up in cloth diapers. It works wonders though on any skin issue, from just plain ole dry skin to bug bites. I will keep CJ's BUTTer in my house forever.




 boon is a large company that not only produces good-looking, sleek, modern baby/kid products but also products that truly help simplify a mom's life. And because it's a large company, you can find their products in a ton of places (I get mine at Target and Babies R Us.) The Squirt is my fave on-the-go feeding product. I've used it at the mall, at the beach, in a moving vehicle...everywhere! It truly helps me save time and keeps everything neat and tidy. And, it's super easy to clean. A definite must for moms. :-)


Gear  -- Coming Soon

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