Is it fall yet?

It's August. We're having record high temperatures, with no end in sight. It's always still pretty hot in August and September, and yet, every year once we get passed July I feel as though fall is peaking around the corner. I long for fall. Every year, around this time. It's my favorite season because it marks the beginning of the longest feel-good time of the year (and because my favorite childhood memories stem around this time), so when I say "season" I mean the entire season from October to January. While I do slightly favor Christmas over the other holidays (cuz, come on. Who wouldn't?). With back-to-school stuff stocking stores followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Cinnamon, evergreen, pumpkin, apple, firewood. Wreaths, garlands, pumpkin patches, costumes, parties, food, cards, gifts, family, friends, fireplaces, football. (accidental alliteration) This is why I was so excited when I found out I'd be having my first child during my favorite time of year. And getting to share this time with him now has been more than fulfilling. So, you can see why I have such an affinity for the season. We're linked, this season and I. Always have been. There's a moment, typically not til the beginning of October, that I sense fall is upon us. There's something in the air, a feeling in my bones. Like I'm chemically and physically connected to the season. It's like God's breath blowing through my very being saying, "Here's your gift, Mel. Take it in. Smile." Yes, it sounds silly, but it feels like He's created this time of year just for me because it gives me such joy. When people ask me, "What do you think Heaven's like?" I say, this season. But, even I know, this isn't gonna happen for a while. *tear, sniff* Til then, I'll keep relishing in retail shops that start stocking fall right about now, filling my home with Yankee and Scentsy fall-based aromas, watching movies set in the season (e.g. You've Got Mail, Harry Potter), and cranking up the A/C so I can make some hot cocoa and curl up with my knitted blanket.

last summer...anticipating fall


  1. Those hats were cute, too. Alpaca? Soft, anyway.

  2. @Sally: Why yes, it's alapaca. Good memory!