Red Plum Photography is a small business (in DFW) owned and run by photographer Katie Engelbert. We've worked with her once so far and will work with her again when she does our twins' newborn pics. She is an outstanding photographer and works incredibly well with children. And we all know how stressful it can be to take photos with our kiddos. She makes it totally stress-free! Had no problems whatsoever with our crazy 2 yr old when she shot our family photos in early 2012. Her love as a Christian woman of God translates through her passion and gift. It was a joy working with her, and I look forward to it again. 

BabyList is a free (wait...did you read that? FREE!) online baby registry service that utilizes a Pinterest-like function for adding items to a universal web registry. Simply install the BabyList toolbar button (just like the Pin It button) or add items via email from your mobile device and voila! If you can buy it on a web site, you can "list it!" So easy! And it even allows you to add non-physical gifts like cash donations, gift cards, babysitting services, maid services, etc... If you can "list it" you can get it. :-) Here's our registry so you can see what one looks like. Another feature of this service I love is their feedback forum. This is where users get to pose ideas for improving the service, and guess what? BabyList actually listens!! Seriously. For example, many of us posted a desire for multiple vendors to be added to each listed item on our registries. Aaaaand done. Booyah! Now, THAT's customer service. For info about exactly how your family and friends can reserve items and how the whole thing works, see the easy-to-read BabyList FAQ section. Many thanks to Natalie Gordon, CEO and mom, for her time and effort in not only creating this service but also maintaining a relationship with her customers and really listening. She and I have exchanged chat messages (a super cool feature on her site) and emails. Say whaaat? A CEO that ACTUALLY communicates with her customers? Yup :-)

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